Tuesday, July 31, 2012

English & Surf Camp 29th July

Hey hey everyone!

Summer is still hot although July is soon over and we're greeting the first days of August this week! Last sunday English & Surf welcomed the new campers to join our never stopping search of good waves. Ladies and gentlemen, here they come!

Julien, 15 years old, comes from Paris! He is a fun-loving boy that likes to joke around. Julien is into different sports, such as tennis and surfing.

This smiling face here belongs to Yanis! He is 13 years old boy from Breilènbach. Loves basketball and pizza!

Carla, 13 years old girl from Toulouse! She is a real sporty girl who likes basketball and volley ball.

A local surf chic Luna, 14 years old girl from Biarritz. Earlier this summer she dominated the waves in Cap Breton. Loves photography!

Marine, 12, comes from Meylan, Grenoble. She is very smiley girl who loves being in the sun. Her favourite sports are dancing, tennis and surfing of course!

Claire, 14, is active and sporty girl form Toulouse who has surfed in Biarritz before. Her hobbies are dancing, tennis and piano.

Mathias, 12, comes from Nancy and is surfing for the first time this week. This boy has lots of hobbies and besides surfing, he plays tennis, ping pong and drives motocross!

Adrien, 16, comes from Bordeaux. This cheeky boy has been surfing more than three years and his favourite spot is Kap Verde. He prefers shortboarding to longboarding.

This brave little guy is called Robin! He’s 11 years old and he was eager to tell us that he will soon turn 12, in August. He comes from Nancy and looooves all different sports! As he was asked about his interests more in detail he was super excited to share information about himself J the list was never ending! To start with, he likes sports like football, rugby, baseball and beach volley, to mention a few. His favorite foods are pan cakes, pasta bolognese and coscous with chicken and sausages! When it comes to music he likes to listen to LMFAO, Rihanna, Aerosmith and many other bands. This joyful boy tells us he is a fast learner - go Robin!

Girls ready to hit the waves on sunday night.

Come on, let's go the waves won't wait us!

Early morning surf session. Kids getting ready, putting on their wetsuits and rash vests at the cabin.

Pictures from the second surf session on monday morning!

In the beginning of the week, Marine stepped on a "vive", a naughty fish that likes to hide in the sand, close to the shoreline. Luckily Marine is a brave girl and with the help of the lifeguards, she was back in business in no time!

Children evaluating their skills in pre-surf evaluation.

In pre-surf evaluation, children need to show their knowledge regarding surf and surf equipment. Here Mathias and Robin are showing the "buddy system" when carrying the boards.

Refreshing visit in the sea!

Aino and Mari teaching the different parts of the board.

Our Swedish staff member Ylva playing surf monopoly with the boys.

Ready to surf!!

On Tuesday afternoon there were no waves - we were having an ocean activity with the boards!

Swimming and having fun in the ocean!!

In the evenings, we had English quizzes in Pignada. The campers were divided in two teams; Zboubz and The Smileys. 

One morning we had a beautiful breakfast on the beach before surfing.

Girls and boys catching lots of waves on the fourth surf session on the camp!

Aino made her nails very beautiful!

We had a group of young enthusiastic surfers taking a surf lesson with us on Tuesday! Go girls!!

Aino and Mari catching some waves! 

On Tuesday we were divided into two groups - the other group was stretching while the other group studied English at the cabin. 

Yoga and stretching after surfing - it´s important to stretch your muscles after surfing so that they recover better!

Mathias and Carla showing how to do yoga!

At the English lesson we learnt some useful surfing vocabulary! Everyone also wrote diary about their day and the morning surf. Later during the day we had a discussion about cultural differences and favorite places to travel!

On Wednesday morning we went to surf at Cavalier beach. The waves were nice and clean and everybody cought some great waves!

Crabs hiding between the rocks!

Yanis and Mathias surfing together.

Adrian surfing a beautiful right turn!

The rest of the day we relaxed on the beach sunbathing, playing ball games and waxing the boards!  

On Thursday we started the day with an English lesson. We talked about recycling and how important it is to take care of our environment.

Always remember to reduce, reuse and recycle!

After English lesson on Wednesday we went to the swimming pool to cool off and enjoy the hot day!

Superman flying!


Thursday evening we wen to Sable D´or after surfing. With the surf club members we played volleyball, enjoyed the warm evening and saw surf films on the beach!



We had some waffles and nutella for evening snack!


Yannis making a great jump during a volleyball match!


Mmmm, nutella!

Watching Quicksilver surf films on the beach after the sunset was an amazing experience for everyone!

Friday morning we went surfing to Hendaye, the Spanish border as the waves were too big in Anglet. In Hendaye, the waves were great for us!

In the Friday afternoon, we were watching extreme sports event at La Barre!

Everybody togerther!

On Friday evening we had evening activities together in Pignada. Two teams were having water battle trying to fill up two bottles!

The Zboubs!

And the Smileys!

Zboubs working as a team!

The Smileys having a different strategy for their team!

Wow!! Here we go!

Another great week in English and Surf has come to an end! Everybody can go home with good memories and new friends! Hopefully we´ll see everyone again next year!! Take care of yourselves and keep surfing!