Saturday, September 1, 2012

29th August - English & Surf meets up with Goxokiak!

Surf is a way to bring people together.

On Wednesday 29th of August, English & Surf Surf Club and a Diabetes Association Goxokiak gathered in Hendaye in order to give a group of kids an opportunity to explore and enjoy the secrets of surf together. We were happy to see that  so many enthusiastic kids and parents showed up on the beach during the day!

The day started with an introduction of both the Diabetes Association and the English & Surf Club members. After the formalities we kicked off the event by playing beach volley.

Before going in the water the kids also had their lunch to take care of the right blood sugar rates before getting on with the water sports.

Time to fit the wetsuits!

Choose your board!

Guy helping the kids to find the right position on the board.

Team work!

Hendaye offered an ideal place for the kids to try surfing since the waves were small and it was easy to catch the white water. The water was full of happy smiling faces and laughter as both the kids and their parents enjoied the excitement of catching the waves.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swimming, Roadtrip & English lessons in the sun!

This week as well, we have been lucky with the weather, so we decided that we were gonna play in the pool and do some swimming exercises.

We had a competition with all the kids, as well as the camp leaders and our surfinstructor Pierrick.

The kids were listening carefully.

And playing and having lots of fun in the pool.

Philippine dives gracefully!

Eevis likes to swim as well!

Apart from swimming and surfing we've also had english lessons at the beach. 

Some of the mornings starts with breakfast at the beach! What couple be a better place to have your morning cereals during the sunrise?

Mathieu & Thomas arranged for us to play a game called "Warewolves"

Our friend Susanna is happy seeing the kids surfing during the evening!!!

Sunset acrobatic by Ylva!

Théo & Philippine having a break during the evening surf, watching the sunset and the other surfers!

A windy day at Ocean beach - dolphins surfing mushy waves!

We saw a group of Nordic walkers - Helmi found it amusing... :) !

On Thursday we packed the cars and headed to an exciting road trip around the Basque Country! 

Thomas is in charge! The kids played an interesting game before the departure from Pignada!

Before visiting the caves we stopped at a beautiful surf spot near Guethary!

Zurrgarramurdi, in Spain, we saw these donkeys!

The amazing view of Zurrgarramurdi

The kids were excited to see some animals!

Walking the famous Witchcraft a sunny day!

The great cave were the witches were supposed to live in around 1600th century.

It was dark in the cave, but the sun was shining all day!

Let's go to Ainhoa!