Wetsuit maintenance

1. It is easier to put on and take off your wetsuit when you sit down.

2. Remember to help your friends with the wetsuits!

3. After surf have a shower, take off your wetsuit and rinse it in the bucket.

4. Hang your wetsuit on the rope or fence to dry,  but remember not to leave it there in the sun for too long. Wetsuits are fragile – take good care of them!

How to handle your surf board

1. When lifting your surf board from the ground grab your board from the nose.

2. Remember also the ”Buddy system” when carrying your boards.

3. Attach the leash on the shore just before you go into the water.
4. Take off your leash as soon as you come out of the water – this way your leash won’t  twist around your legs or get sandy

5. Always brush your board after surfing.

6. As you have finished your surf lesson put the board on the racks outside the cabin – do not leave your board on the sand.

How to handle your surf board in the water
1. Never transport your board by the leash.
2. While walking in the water place your front hand on the middle of the board and the back hand on the tail of the board for safe and easy manouvering.
3. When you see a good wave approaching, turn your board quickly and slide!
4. Remember to do Eskimo turn when the waves get too big to go over.
5. Don’t transport your surf board sideways. Always observe the waves and other dangers like other surfers, driftwood and strong currents.

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