Surfing as many other sports leave their trace in the surrounding environment. At English and Surf we cherish and care about nature and our attempt is to introduce environmental values that support sustainable development and environmental protection to our campers. As surfers in the water and on the beach we become a visible part of the nature and our actions effect the ocean and its ecosystems. For this reason we aim to pay close attention to the way we act both when surfing and when out of water.

If you are interested in protecting the oceans, more information can be found here:
Surfrider Foundation Europe,

3R - Reducing, reusing, recycling

At English and Surf we do our best to act out the  ”Three R’s” – reducing, reusing and recycling. This means that we try to bring up these three themes in our daily actions.

1.    When possible we ride the bicycles to the beach – this way we reduce the amount of CO2 emissions.
2.    We take good care of our wetsuits in order to extend their lifecycle – this way we do not need to buy new wetsuits and we reduce the amount of waste and pollution that is formed in the processes of the wetsuit production and disposal.
3.    At our beach cabin we have recycling containers -  this enables us to seperate our waste and reduce the amount of normal waste.
4.    We hope what once introduced with environmental values the children attending our camps will leave with new knowledge and understanding of the importance of their choices and life style – spread the word!


The ocean is not a bin!

Waste can be used in creative ways!


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