Every summer English and surf has a group of international young people as friends and helpers at the surf camp.

The chief:

Patrick is in charge of running the camp. He is an English teacher who also enjoys yoga and surfing.

Here are the friends and helpers for summer 2012:

Aino, 27, from Finland. A vegeterian hippie who loves recycling, taking photos and surfing the basque coast. Snowboarding, photographing and longboarding are her favorite things besides surfing. Taking care of the environment is really important for her.
Ashlee, 25, from Australia. This down under girl loves the gym, going to the beach and going for long walks. She loves traveling around and has came all the way to English & Surf from the other side of the world.

Mari, 22, from Finland. Enjoys the sun, playing volleyball and doing acrobatics on the beach. Surfing, traveling and learning new languages are some of her favorite things. This is her second summer with English & Surf.

Helmi, 25, from Finland. Likes pilates, tennis and watching the sunset. She is known to be very good to organize all kind of fun activities.

Guy, 23, from the United Kingdom. You will find Guy surfing some knarly sets at the beach with his board. He is always laughing and telling jokes. 

Susanna, 22, from Finland. A fanatic coffee drinker who loves jogging and playing piano. Susanna could listen the sound of the waves for ever.

Claire, 22, from the United Kingdom. Loves skiing and playing the guitar on the beach around a bonfire. She has surfed in some great spots in Bali and always gets washed up on shore when playing in the shore break. 

Hamish, 22, from the United Kingdom. In the summer Hamish enjoy surfing clean waves and then spending the winter on the mountain side skiing in fresh powder. He has travelled around many places and loves meeting new people.

 Eeva-Maija, 21, from Finland. A surf chic who has conquered the waves in Portugal and Australia before. She loves to work with children and is studying yo become and an English-speaking class teacher. Positive and energetic personality who will put a smile on your face!
Ylva, 21, from Sweden. She spent her winter as a ski instructor and the summer working in San Sebastian. As she fell in love with the Basque coast, she wanted to come and help the camp and explore the secrets of surf. Smiling girl who is always ready for adventures! 

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